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Brother’s Jac and Ted began building websites back in the late 1990’s right at the infancy of the world wide web. Ted took a break from that for a while to lead online internet based services for the likes of Ihug, Xtra, Telecom and Chorus. In 2019 Jac convinced him to return to building boutique websites using the very popular modular building blocks now cheaply available to clients.
Jac leads the design team with his preference for the easy to maintain and uncomplicated setups of the WIX and Shopify platforms.
Ted hasn’t been able to shrug off the more technical nature of the business though. So he fronts the DNS; domain; SSL security; and email side of things. He also implements many of the custom integrations available via the WIX and WordPress web development suites.
All tailored to specific client requirements.

Together, they combine in to a small team dedicated to delivering to clients bespoke needs. Be they a simple blog and portfolio site, or a more advanced online shopping experience for small to medium enterprises.


Jac Grenfell

Head of Design, videographer


Ted Grenfell

Web developer and photographer

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We make your web presence better by delivering reliable digital solutions

  • 1
    Developing an effective strategy

    We work with you to ensure what we deliver matches the online and marketing strategy of your organisation

  • 2
    Web site development process

    We walk you through the different online hosting and web delivery options so you select the options that best fit with your stated goals

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    Ongoing maintenance and support

    If needed, we can offer regular site health checks and maintenance programs to keep your web presence secure and available

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